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1st Annual Event *Tailgate Against Child Trafficking*

Many Families are involved in sports of some kind. Kids playing sports or involved in the activities. Many watching their favorite High School, College or NFL teams go for the Championship. We all have our favorite teams, players and more. 

The one thing we all have in common is the protection of our Children. On that subject, we are All on the Same Team.

Join Team Halos this Season from August 3rd 2017 to February 4th and Tailgate Against Child Trafficking! Get your Tailgate pictures posted here.

How it Works.

Pick a Date: Invite friends and family. Businesses are encouraged to join in.

Order your Awareness Bracelets, (Bracelets are $5.00 each Collect money, turn in, we will deliver your bracelets, in person or by mail.

Each bracelet is in football color and Reads "Tailgate Against Child Trafficking" and Halos Youth Empowerment Motto *Engage *Educate *Empower

On the inside of the band is Halos Tipline (803) 599-HALO (4256) The number is at hand if you see something, know of suspicious activity with a child or maybe a child gets into a situation and needs help.

Some of you may be involved in youth groups, football leagues, cheer leading teams, Fantasy Football leagues. Order bracelets for them all and let your communities Know that you are Standing Against Child Trafficking.

If you decide to show your pictures we will post them on our Facebook page and on our website. Be proud to root for "Team Halos" this season, no matter who your home team is. Tailgate for Team Halos against Child Trafficking. In Tailgating Together We All Win For Kids!!!

The day of your Tailgate Against Child Trafficking get event, ( which is optional) take pictures, and/or live stream, and then Challenge your friends and family, or other businesses to join our Movement.

All proceeds will be used for Halos Youth Empowerment Program for materials helping them to be safe on and off line. To move towards Halos Youth Empowerment Resource Center and to help Halos Investigation Inc. for Missing and Trafficked Children to continue our Mission in helping families and law enforcement "Free of Charge".

Halos Investigations Inc. is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization and your donations for these awareness bracelets are tax deductible.

Many made the Ice Bucket Challenge go Viral, what better Challenge than to Stand Up Against Child Trafficking.

Its an Epidemic! And Our Children Are Worth It!

To order your Bracelets or receive more information contact us at

Or order for your family friends clubs and more below.

This Challenge will run from August 3rd 2017 through February 4th 2018 and will be an Annual Event....

You may choose to sponsor a classroom. Average students in a class is around 40 kids. Sponsoring a classroom of your choice or ours, up to you, will give each student and teacher a awareness bracelet which reads "Tailgate Against Child Trafficking also *Engage *Educate*Empower which is Halos Youth Empowerment motto. Whats really great is that inside each bracelet is the Halos tipline where any supicious activity can be reported and if a child needs help they can call or text and leave a message.

If you would like to Sponsor a class you can email us at for more information.

Thank you for supporting Halos Youth Empowerment Program!

If you need larger quantities email us at

We will be happy to customize your order. On behalf of Halos Investigations Inc. for Missing and Trafficked Children and The Halos Youth Empowerment Program 

We thank you for you generous support ! *ENGAGE*EDUCATE*EMPOWER


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